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About Abbey Road Hospice

At Abbey Road Hospice, we are dedicated to bringing dignity and grace to the completion of one’s life journey. We have been a locally owned and operated hospice service in Columbia, SC since 2007, and have always found that working with our community and staying involved helps us provide better care for our patients.

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Why Choose Abbey Road?

Abbey Road Hospice is different from other hospice care providers. We are always focused on providing the highest quality of caregiving and through this, we are always finding ways to improve and grow. Our nurse-to-patient ratio is lower than most hospice providers so that we can spend more quality time connecting with our patients and ensuring their needs are met. We also have a team of day, night, and weekend nurses. We have this team so that our staff can find ample time to rest and provide their full attention and dedication to providing the highest level of caregiving.

As a locally owned and operated hospice provider, we see the value in truly knowing and supporting our community. As we care for the community's most vulnerable with our in-home senior care services, we make certain that our patients are comfortable and have everything they need. We know our community, and we know the dignity that all of our community members deserve, and that is why Abbey Road Hospice serves the Columbia, SC area.

Our Teams Dedication to Caregiving

Our commitment to bringing the highest level of caregiving to our patients means we have employee enrichment programs dedicated to improving our care. Through these enrichment programs, we ensure that our team stays up to date on the latest personal care techniques and provide support to them. This support helps our caregivers avoid burnout and continue to be their very best selves while caring for their patients.

Hospice Patients

Hospice Patient

Our team will attend to the patient’s needs with compassion and expertise.

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Patient’s Family

We keep the patient’s family involved in the care process by providing updates, resources, and bereavement support.

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Local Community

We require our team to be involved in regular community service projects so they can provide better care by understanding the local community.

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Global Community

We work with The International Christian Hospice in Central America to care for and train individuals on end-of-life care.

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Where Did the Name Abbey Road Come From?

Abbey: Abbey is a Christian monastery, under the authority of an Abbot or an Abbess, who serves as the spiritual father or mother of the community. We chose Abbey because we feel it represents who we are as a Chrisitan family-owned company, serving the community in its greatest time of need.

Road: a thoroughfare, route, or way between two places. We chose Road to represent what we believe life is, a way between two places.

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